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Our Story 

since 2013

CBD and Hemp are legal to both cultivate and consume in the state of Florida for anyone over the age of 18 so long as the product contains less than 0.3% THC content.

No THC Sold On This Site

 Let’s be real and let’s bring something out of the norm to the party.                                                   

RAW HEMP EDIBLES LLC; is baking daily fresh Hemp Cookies Edibles alongside with many other Vegan, Organic Hemp Extract Oil, Gluten Free and Non-GMO Baked goods from Carrot Cakes to Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate Brownies – Spice Honey Banana Cake – Triple Dark Chocolate Brownies – Coco Loco Coconut and Banana Cake. Now ask yourself AM I worth it? Sure, you are.

Mr. Raw has a model; If Mr. Raw and his family can’t eat it! we can’t sell it! And what does that mean to you? We Explain; Mr., Mrs. Raw and family are 100% Vegan family. Mr. Raw is on his Holistic journey, has been blessed to assist in the two water birth of his baby girls where of course his wife was the champion here lol.

Mr. Raw speaks; “We Are A Holistic Family and what I want for my family, I want for your's, Health and Wealth."

Thank you so much for your support.

Organic Hemp Extract Oil. For results use your QR code reader.


      Your Better Burger $12.99

           The Vegan Burger You Can Trust 

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Raw Hemp Edibles


About Us:


Raw Hemp Edibles is a family owned business taking the steps to ensure that family, friends and clients get the best quality Organic Hemp flour in the industry has to offer. Our edibles are made with 100% organic ingredients (chemical-free), which eliminate bloating, clogged arteries, and other symptoms that depreciate your health.

Raw Hemp Edibles are naturally broken down by your bodies digestive system, and were made with a purpose to allow individuals to take care of their bodies internally. We say enjoy The Hemp and the goodness it provides to your mind, body, and soul.

Allow your digestive system to smile as you enjoy Raw Hemp Edibles. The creators of Raw Hemp Edibles are true vegans - A Holistic family, " In saying if we cant eat, we won't sell it" point blank!


Our Raw Hemp Edibles line have been consumed for over 6 years by X, Y, & Z. Raw Hemp Edibles are made with the highest quality ingredients and Non-GMO Organic Hemp.So it can be consumed by our clients as well as ourselves ensuring no adverse effects. Our business promises to promote love and peace vs. greed.


Therefore our products are made, keeping in mind our clients best interests.Using the very best ingredients, and other organic products that promote proper holistic health precautions vs. offering an edible that is not healthy for your body. Overall, business has taken advantage of consumers for ages and has never allowed them to truly make a decision when it comes to food and health. Raw Hemp Edibles give the buying power back to the consumers. We are committed in making you feel good, helping you with your health, and making sure you have no worries about our edibles. Our brand is here for the betterment of earth and all human beings, and we can only do this by being true to you and offering you the better Edible.


Raw Hemp Edibles offers its clients many delicious flavors these are just a few to make your mouth water.


  • Dark Chocolate

  • Blue Berry

  • Carrot Vegan

  • Coco Loco Coconut

  • Banana Nice

  • Vanilla Vegan


These edibles can also be customized and tailored to meet your standards. Clients have the opportunity to choose their own flour and the oil they like us to bake their baked goods with. Please note, this process takes approximately 72 hours to create and 1-3 days to ship. 


Our target Audience:

Raw Hemp Edibles targets The Holistic community and Hemp fans of legal age. Raw Hemp Edibles was created for Vegans. But they taste so good anyone can enjoy them. Raw Hemp Edibles is here to change the Edible industry.Our clients no longer have to be concerned about what's in their edible, and whether it will cause internal or external health issues in the long term. Raw Hemp Edibles allows you to have peace of mind, and have fun while eating as you take care of your health and well being. 


Why Us:

Well it’s quite simple! If you want an edible that is a 100% healthier for you with no extra negative additives.Then Raw Hemp Edibles is for you.  


Thank you so much for your support we are a small company with big healthier ideas and we are in business, because of you and your support. Again Thank you good vibes health and wealth your way.


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                                   April 20 2024

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Peanut Butter Brownie 


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T-Shirts come in any of the four Raw Cartoon Character any color you want & with your buy you will receive a free Edible Treat.
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Tel: 954.638.2672


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